From: Derek Appleing
Sent: Tue, 5 May 2020 1:47
Subject: Endings and Beginnings

Greetings to all friend and associates.

This, to me, is something like the written equivalent of the verbal cliché “unaccustomed as I am to public speaking”, as I have never found writing to be amongst my limited skills.

A great many of you Ann and I have met or (at least) been in communication with for over the last forty years. Much of this has been through our contact with the folk community and particularly with the huge body of both folk dancers and their musicians. All of these contacts are fondly remembered, much appreciated and greatly valued.

Trading as Folk Sales we strove to bring to eager customers all that was available and folk orientated either in print or as associated recorded music. In addition, during the time that we had the shop ‘on the road’ and travelled with it from Cornwall to Cumbria the stock included both song, traditions and instrument tutors.

Finding ourselves in our seventies and health beginning to fail, a search started for willing successors but to no avail. Perhaps everyone thought we were not serious and would live forever! News of Ann’s death last October prompted an approach by a younger couple who, having discussed the task and implications of the undertaking, kindly decided to take on the Folk Sales business. Thus it was on March 1st I ceased trading and all stock was passed over to the new owners Jennifer and Darren Grainger.

Jennifer, known to one and all as Genni, is the daughter of Steve and Rosemary Hunt and as a musician in Dad’s band Orion’s Ring is already well known in folk dance circles. Darren, while not so much into the folk scene, has family trading connections so between them both I know that Folk Sales is in good hands and they will provide the same and very probably an improved service.

I am sure it will be appreciated that while there is a database of well over a thousand email addresses, there are probably at least that many for whom I have only telephone or postal addresses. Consequently it would be very of very great help if this information could be circulated to all you know who you think might be interested. So, ‘without further adieu’ I say thank you for your custom and friendship over the years and am pleased to provide the new details that future requests for folk purchases should be directed to is as follows:

Gennie and Darren Grainger
18 Lickhill Road
SW11 9DE
Tel: 01249 323210